LOBBY your congressmen or women to support the SAFE Act.   House bill 1942 Safeguard American Food act would prevent the shipment of horses across our borders to slaughter in Mexico, Canada and globally.  The bill has support in Congress with 196 cosponsors (156 Democrats, 39 Republicans, 1 Independent).  BUT the committee it is in is controlled by special interests and a small group of legislators are preventing it from getting out of committee to the house vote.  It is hardly a democratic process when you have that many legislators co-sponsoring a bill and members of this small committee still refusing to let it out to a fair vote.  The 11 people in this committee are stopping this Bill from getting a fair chance.    


VOLUNTEER - we are always  looking for volunteers to come and work at the ranches or in administrative roles for Skydog Sanctuary.   We have three locations - our biggest is in Central Oregon, one hour from Prineville, Bend and Redmond.  Our other two ranches are in Southern California in Malibu and Calabasas.  If you are interested in volunteering, either at the ranch helping take care of horses, or administratively or in any other way we would LOVE to hear from you.

SHOUT  -  if you see a mustang in need.  If you know of a mustang in a kill pen or at auction please call us or message us immediately with as many details as possible.    We can only rescue the horses we know about !


DONATE - of course we cannot keep rescuing wild horses without donations.  There are high costs involved in taking care of them, from hay and feed to vet and farrier bills every dollar counts and it would be gratefully received.  We can change this situation if we all rally behind these horses and help band together to get them out of their bad situations to a new life here at Skydog.


NO BEEF OR LAMB - cattle and sheep are grazed on public lands where the wild horses live.  Cattle ranchers get the BLM to round up horses to allow more grazing for their livestock.    Recently a group of cattle ranchers persuaded the BLM to round up 1500 wild horses at Beatty's Bute in Oregon and these ranchers supply directly to Whole Foods.  By stopping eating their beef you send a loud and clear message as a consumer and stop the endless demand for burgers and steaks in this and other countries.

WATCH Cowspiracy and educate yourself about how eating beef is destroying our planet and your health and negatively effecting the mustangs for America.


SPREAD THE WORD - Tell your friends and family what you have learned about the wild horse situation and tell THEM what they can do.  Our biggest goal is to educate and inform because if we shout loud enough for these horses we actually can change things.  Our wild horses deserve better.