All we could see of Chesney was a scared eye peering out of a horse trailer.  We didn't know his age or his temperament or really his color or height but we started fundraising for him.  He turned out to be the most incredibly well mannered gentleman of a horse I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  He is 22 and beautiful.  When we got him home we had the vet give him his shots and we wormed him and while she was there the vet looked at his feet.  They were possibly the worst feet we have ever seen and she said that he must have been standing in piss and poop for months on end in a small space.  His frogs peeled back to reveal huge holes and he had white line disease and the worst thrush.  The smell from his feet was really terrible.

But even with the discomfort he must have been in he stood and let everybody work on his feet and never once complained or grumbled.  He is a true angel.  He really deserves to find a loving forever home and is one of only a very few horses that would be available for adoption to the perfect person.  If we can't find that then he will just be ridden by us so that he stays in riding shape and retains his incredible ground manners.  We hope that somebody will fall in love with him just like we have and that he can live a long and happy life with his own special person.