When I decided to start Skydog Sanctuary I had many goals and lots of them are written out clearly in our mission statements and on the website.  To help at risk mustangs from across America and give them sanctuary !  We also wanted to help veterans and give people a place to come for peace and to heal.  One of the things I haven't mentioned is that one thing I hope the skydog Facebook page and the social media give people is hope and a happy ending !  Wild horse advocates have a really rough time and I believe that a lot of people give up the fight for our mustangs because the task at hand is too overwhelming and often feels hopeless.  I wanted Skydog to be a place where people can come and see that there is a happy ending for some of these horses.  It is so hard when all the news is more roundups or another horse in a kill pen or having been abused and then there is all the awful in fighting between advocates and their pages who spend most of their time fighting with each other to look the best or to raise the most money.  Skydog is a break from all that and somewhere you can come to see pictures of horses who ended up in bad situations but overcame them and live happily in nature and beauty.  Some people think our page is trivial and just full of unrealistic photographs of pretty horses but you know what, when I worked in the commercial world I remember very well that a really successful infomercial producer said one day about a program we were making "facts tell, stories sell"  I think it is so important to give a name to these horses and tell their stories.  They are not a number branded on their neck by the BLM, they matter, they are living feeling sentient beings who we can learn so much from and heal through.  Recently i saw a photograph of our gelding Bear who was standing watch over his two babies Whisper and Mariah while their mothers grazed nearby and I thought how horrifying it was that he was in a kill pen heading from slaughter with those two mares and their babies inside them to be killed for their meat for a foreign person to eat as their lunch or dinner.  How is it possible that people can be so far removed from the violence and cruelty involved in satisfying their taste buds for a moments pleasure these horses endure torture and an inhumane and torturous death.  Horses are not food.  They just aren't and if you disagree I don't think you ever could have spent a day around them.   So for all that horror that is in the back of all of our minds when we see another horse ship to slaughter I hope that these horses touch people's hearts and souls to the point that they make different kinder choices.  That is my hope.  And if all you do is come for the pretty pictures and to follow the story of the horses that come here.  Yes it is so little in the grand scheme of things - just under 50 horses saved - does it really make a difference in this world - maybe not - but it makes the world of difference to every one of our horses so we shall keep saving them as many as we can, one at a time and hope the tide turns and people stop putting money and greed first before love and kindness - thats all we can hope x