Now that we are up and running at Skydog Malibu our dreams are becoming a reality.  Looking out at these horses who have come from such abuse and neglect. now roaming happily on the 11 acres of hillside overlooking the ocean absolutely fills my heart up.  And Malibu has been such a different experience to Oregon.  It is very very hard to get anyone to come out and volunteer in Oregon as it is an hour's drive from town and the last 30 mins is gravel road.  The winters are long and there is no getting around the fact its hard work.

So we had a board meeting and realised that all the people offering to volunteer were in Caifornia right now so it made sense to bring some of the gentler mustangs down here to meet people and get even more desensitized to being around any kind of stimulus.  And we have just been overwhelmed by the response so we are getting ready to bring even more down here for winter to give the crew up North a bit of a break.  We have some older horses and some with bad feet who will really enjoy the california weather and we have the room and the help so why not.  All through this thing, whenever something hasn't worked or we failed in some way, we moved straight on to "how can we fix this - how can we make this work" and the answer is always right there.

So if this is where people really want to see the horses and give their time freely we will take it and its a two day trail for horses who are well used to being hauled so its no stress for them really.  And what a joy it is to see the happiness on the faces of kids or anybody actually who comes here and sees this incredible animals for the first time.  It is an honor and a privilege to take care of them and to share them with others.  So California GET READY for more mustangs and more events and more equine therapeutic clinics cause they're all coming to you.  Watch this space x