We got a Facebook message from a girl in Kansas who told us a kill buyer had two mustangs he was going to ship in the morning if we didn't save them.  She had no photos or descriptions but said to call a man on a number to help them.  We did and he said he needed cash before the morning or they would be on the truck.  It was kind of miraculous that a group of women in Kansas all rallied to help and delivered him cash and picked up the wild horses and hauled them to us.  They were not in good shape.  They were both very overweight, which is pretty unusual and both had the worst feet we had seen.  The grey mare Hailey was at least handleable and after a couple of weeks we had earned her trust enough to halter her and do her feet.  Sadly it wasn't just the length, she had badly foundered and could barely walk.  She was going to take months to grow new feet and it would take a lot of work and vet bills on our part to get her to where she is today.  She truly is our skydog miracle.

Her friend Casey is the wildest and most reactive horse here and even after months of working with her she literally does things that would definitely hurt her or others unless she is just left alone.  We have finally turned her out on a rockier pasture to wear her feet down a little but she will also be run through a chute to trim her feet and vaccinate her come spring.  They no longer are together as Hailey was on stall rest for a long time and we felt it kinder to finally let Casey out to run free and be away from the pesky humans she dislikes to much.  We love them both and are so happy for Hailey particularly who finally got to be out this week after six months of stall rest x