Volunteer Program




Skydog Ranch Oregon is currently looking for volunteers every day BUT is not open to the public and no drop by's are allowed.  We are NOT open to the public for tours, and visits are by appointment only to donors, volunteers, or by arrangement if we have staff available.   Please do not drive to the ranch without making contact with the manager as you won't be able to get in as there is a locked gate to keep our staff and horses safe and secure.

If you can come help us out at our location in Oregon we are an hour from Bend, Prineville and Redmond near the reservoir.    We would love to meet some of our local neighbors and friends.


HERE are some details which are the same for all three ranches :

  • Volunteers need to be over the age of 18 - once a month we have a children's visitor day and you can sign up for that below
  • Wear work clothes, boots are very important and no flip flops or soft tennis shoes allowed.  If a horse has ever stood on your foot you will know why.    Jeans and t-shirts are best or cotton shirt as it is often hot in Malibu and Mariposa.  In the winter you will need snow boots in Oregon.
  • Bring sunscreen, water, snacks 
  • You will be asked to sign a waiver located below at either facility to interact with the horses



MUCKING horse pens, corrals or stalls.  This involves using a muck rake to pick up horse poop and place it in plastic buckets.  

CLEANING water troughs, buckets (and spring boxes in Oregon)

SWEEPING the barn, TIDYING tack sheds, SORTING supplies, cleaning fridges, mucking stalls and checking fences

FEED horses early morning and afternoon 

WATER horses - making sure all water buckets and troughs are ALWAYS clean and full of fresh water


If you are experienced with horses you can also :

WASH horses and clean their manes and tails 

GROOM horses that need more contact with people to show them how kind and loving people CAN be


SOCIAL MEDIA  `  When taking selfies or photographs of the horses please use the tag @skydogsanctuary on Instagram or Twitter and #mustangsanctuary #passthesafeact #rescuedhorses #volunteerskydogranch are all good to use to help the rescue

After five visits you can choose a hat or t-shirt free from our Skydog merchandise at either location

We are currently working on accommodation for our Oregon ranch so people from out of state and abroad can come volunteer for longer periods of time and stay overnight at the ranch

Please note Skydog Sanctuary is also a sanctuary from negativity and drama.

Please leave your troubles at the gate and give your co-workers and fellow volunteers the same kindness, respect and compassion that you do the horses here.  In a world that is increasingly negative we ask that there be no back biting, gossiping, character assassination or meanness.  We want to get back to practicing being loving and tolerant and so encourage a community that truly is a sanctuary in the purest form of the word.

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the following forms :

** You must complete the volunteer release in order to volunteer on the ranch along with a Copy of Valid photo ID.

Select Location *
Name *
Activities for volunteers, please check activities you are willing to do:

FAMILY DAYS - For Children Under 18

We absolutely adore having children visit Skydog and on the first sunday of every month we have a family day where you can bring your kids to meet the horses and other animals of Skydog Malibu.  Clare our founder runs the day and answers questions about our horses as well as educating them about the American Mustang and what they can do to help.

The highlight of the day for the kids is giving one of our horses a bubble bath which is always one of their favorite activities.

If you are interested in coming and want further information just email us at info@skydogranch.org


If you have filled out the form for volunteering we'll get back to you very soon and thanks for your offer to help!