NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and Buddy  

Jane Seymour with Buddy

At Skydog Sanctuary one of our biggest goals is to raise awareness of the issues facing wild horses and their plight in America as herds are erased by the Bureau of Land Management.   

Herds of horses are disappearing because of the never ending roundups by the government to clear public lands of wild horses leaving them to be used as feed lots for cattle ranchers.  

Kim Richards with Love

Ireland Basinger Baldwin with Jimmy 

The public lands of America belong to the people and the wildlife that live on them  and they deserve to stay wild.  

Mustangs are federally protected and should be afforded the rights of a native species rather than being treated as feral invasive species to be rounded up and locked up for their natural lives.

There are many wild herds whose numbers are so low that the genetic viability of the herd is threatened.  These horses contain unique and incredible strains that must be preserved.   

Matthew Rhys with Bono, Jimmy and Buddy 

Gerard Butler with Cash

We are lucky enough to have many friends of the sanctuary who are willing to stand up for these special horses and raise awareness of them by speaking out and being photographed with them to show people that these horses matter and that they care.

These mustangs don't have their own voices so friends of Skydog shine a light on them and raise awareness about this tragic issue.


Casper Van Dien with Jackson and Lisa Marie

Rachel Hunter with Jackson

To bring attention to the need to protect these beautiful wild horses, Skydog Ranch reached out to celebrated individuals who care about wild mustangs and the role they play in our culture - both in the past and the future.

Meet our friends

Leona Lewis with Ambassador Buddy

Lisa Vanderpump with Buddy