Jon with Butler

Jon with Butler

Equine manager


Jon spent a year working at a prestigious show barn in Los Angeles learning EVERY aspect of horse care.  He has a profound love and knowledge of horses and works his butt off every day to make sure that they are looked after and that all their different needs are met.  Jon is also on the board of Skydog Sanctuary and helps make all the decisions about the care of the horses here and the running of the ranch.   He knows every horse here better than anyone and is in charge of keeping Skydog Malibu running smoothly and efficiently with great pride and an amazing attitude.

Anybody who has ever been to Skydog Malibu or Oregon always says what a great asset he is to our team.  He goes above and beyond for the horses AND the people who come and visit them.


 Mitch and JoLinn Hoover

Mitch and JoLinn Hoover

Mitch and JoLinn Hoover

(with their adorable grandson Jaden), are our new Management team at Skydog Oregon where they live and breathe Skydog on a day to day basis.  They bring a lifetime of knowledge and experience in managing large scale ranches, natural resources, people and equine facilities.  Their passion for teaching horses of all breeds had them traveling the country presenting bio-mechanic based multi-discipline clinics across the western states.  They have years and a wealth of experience in management consulting with many of the ranches and equine facilities they presented at.

As this wonderful couple began to scale back on traveling and teaching clinics they jumped at the opportunity to come on board with Skydog Ranch and we are thrilled and lucky to have such a great team in charge.

It is the best thing in the world to see them running the ranch and making sure we are good stewards of this land and that our horses are in the best and most experienced possible hands.  



 Clare and her quad

Clare and her quad



Being President and Founder of Skydog does not prevent Clare from mucking in (quite literally).  She is very hands on with all the horses that come to the Sanctuary and her many years of experience with wild horses has enabled her to gentle and halter train a lot of the wilder horses that come here.  She also helps feed, muck, clean, fix fences, haul, and keep an eye on the weight and condition of all the horses  Clare also keeps our social media current as well as answering the countless messages we get here about mustangs in need or danger.   There is not an aspect of the ranch that Clare does not involve herself in and wouldn't have it any other way.  


 Chris giving Little Girl a gentle hug after she was rescued from a Mexican Rodeo in California

Chris giving Little Girl a gentle hug after she was rescued from a Mexican Rodeo in California


Christopher Polk Read

Chris is possibly the most important person at Skydog.  He is the man that helped make Clare's vision a reality when he bought Skydog Ranch with her to turn into a Mustang Sanctuary.  He loves all the animals at Skydog but is particularly attached to Jagger and the black lambs LALA Baby Girl  and LuLu lamb who follow him everywhere he goes when he is at the sanctuary.  We are grateful to him everyday for all that he does. 

Recently Chris spent weeks gentling his first wild mustang Lewis up at Skydog Oregon and learned so much from the incredible experience.


 Samantha and Gypsy Rose 

Samantha and Gypsy Rose 


Samantha has years of experience in taking care of horses.  She has worked as a horse program manager at several barns and ranches and is highly experienced.

Sam keeps eyes on our herd's health and well being and helps keep  records on all the horses here at Skydog.   She keeps notes on shots, worming and feet care and does daily checks on all the horses to monitor weight and health.

Sam is in charge of horses in the barn, alongside Janelle, and in giving medication where needed and vet care where necessary.  She works with our incredible team of vets and then makes sure the treatments are carried out.  


 Janelle with Whisper who is Bear and Aerial's foal

Janelle with Whisper who is Bear and Aerial's foal


Janelle is our incredible mustang trainer and is also a trained barefoot farrier which is really ideal to have on full time staff.  She has worked with all our young horses to halter train and gentle them and make sure as many horses here are trained for feet and shots.

Our horses live wild but it is the right and responsible thing to do to train the foals while they are young so that they are easy to handle when we need to bring them in.  Janelle will also be working with some of the horses here to just get them better about having their feet done which is crucial.

Janelle has a ton of experience working with wild horses and even has a mustang of her own she has trained.  She has worked at several horse ranches as a wrangler and volunteered at nearby rescues so is the ABSOLUTE perfect fit with a wealth of experience with wild horses unmatched by anyone. 




Ethan with Whisper



Ethan has been a great member of the Skydog Oregon team this Winter.  He has experience working on many ranches and is a wizard at running fence and has a huge amount of experience around horses and has his own horse at home. 

He has also worked as a volunteer fireman which is a great asset to us with regard to fire protection at our large property.   Ethan is very handy with a chain saw and also works with the guys to keep the trees down and allow water to flow to the ranch.

He is so kind, gentle and loving with all or our horses and treats them as if they were his own.  Ethan has proven to be a reliable, hard working and dedicated member of Team Skydog Oregon.




If you like what we are doing, love mustangs, and want to be considered to join our team either in Oregon or Malibu we would love to hear from you.


Email us at and let us know who you are and what you think you could bring to the job.  We love hearing from horse loving people who want to make this a career.