Jon with Butler

Jon with Butler

ranch hand malibu


Jon spent a year working at a prestigious show barn in Los Angeles learning EVERY aspect of horse care.  He has a profound love and knowledge of horses and works his butt off every day to make sure that they are looked after and that all their different needs are met.  Jon is also on the board of Skydog Sanctuary and helps make all the decisions about the care of the horses here and the running of the ranch.   He knows every horse here better than anyone and is in charge of keeping Skydog Malibu running smoothly and efficiently with great pride and an amazing attitude.

Anybody who has ever been to Skydog Malibu or Oregon always says what a great asset he is to our team.  He goes above and beyond for the horses AND the people who come and visit them.


Tyler with Priscilla 

Tyler with Priscilla 

Farrier and ranch hand


Tyler originally came to Skydog Oregon as our farrier.  When we found out that he had his own love of mustangs and had adopted two orphaned wild foals we knew he was part of the family.  Tyler joined the army at 18 and became an infantryman assigned to Arlington National Cemetery in the prestigious Caisson platoon of the 3d United States Infantry "The Old Guard".   He looked after the horses and spent his spare time learning to become a farrier.   Tyler now works full time looking after our horses as well as fixing fencing, sourcing the best hay in Oregon and driving our tractor!  He is incredible with wild horses and has a huge skill and talent for every aspect of equine care.  We believe we are the only horse sanctuary to have a farrier on full time staff.


Clare and her quad

Clare and her quad

ranch MANAGER - oregon and malibu


Being President and Founder of Skydog does not prevent Clare from mucking in (quite literally).  She is very hands on with all the horses that come to the Sanctuary and her many years of experience with wild horses has enabled her to gentle and halter train a lot of the wilder horses that come here.  She also helps feed, muck, clean, fix fences, haul, and keep an eye on the weight and condition of all the horses  Clare also keeps our social media current as well as answering the countless messages we get here about mustangs in need or danger.   There is not an aspect of the ranch that Clare does not involve herself in and wouldn't have it any other way.  


Chris giving Little Girl a gentle hug after she was rescued from a Mexican Rodeo in California

Chris giving Little Girl a gentle hug after she was rescued from a Mexican Rodeo in California


Christopher Polk Read

Chris is possibly the most important person at Skydog.  He is the man that helped make Clare's vision a reality when he bought Skydog Ranch with her to turn into a Mustang Sanctuary.  He loves all the animals at Skydog but is particularly attached to Jagger and the black lambs LALA Baby Girl  and LuLu lamb who follow him everywhere he goes when he is at the sanctuary.  We are grateful to him everyday for all that he does. 

Recently Chris spent weeks gentling his first wild mustang Lewis up at Skydog Oregon and learned so much from the incredible experience.


Zsa and Otis enjoying the snow

Zsa and Otis enjoying the snow

Barn manager oregon


Zsa has come back to Skydog Oregon for a second winter and we are all super happy to have her with us again.  She was with us last year and helped us learn so much about ranching in the snow and ice and we are thrilled she is back to take care of our herds through what we hope will be a better season. 

Zsa has spent her life working on horse ranches and dude ranches and is a most knowledgeable and hard working cowgirl from Wyoming.  She is always at the barn first in the morning and lives in the barn apartment right next to the horses to attend to any of the needs of the more sensitive or sick horses.  We are happy to have her back on the team and look forward to learning even more from her this time x 


Ian at Skydog Oregon

Ian at Skydog Oregon


Ian has also come back to Skydog for a second winter season.  Ian is a wonderful addition to the Skydog Team and his knowledge and experience of horses is invaluable.  He is a superb trainer and mustang handler and has worked with and around horses for years.

We adore having him at Skydog Oregon helping out with chores and projects in the running of a 9000 acre property as well as taking excellent care with out the rest of our team of our herds of wild horses.

Ian is originally from Topanga Canyon in Southern California and has worked on and off for Skydog for years.  We are happy he is back with us and on the strongest team we have had since starting the sanctuary. 


Kim Hightower and Blue

Kim Hightower and Blue



Kim is in charge of our volunteer program at Skydog Malibu.  She runs volunteer orientations on Saturday mornings at the Malibu ranch at 10 am.  Kim will assess volunteers after they have filled out our volunteer application forms on the website under VOLUNTEER.  Once Kim has approved you to help out unsupervised you are free to pick a two hour time slot during any of the other days during the week or weekend.  Kim has been the most amazing asset to Skydog offering her time and expertise here over several months.  We feel incredibly fortunate to have her on the team.



Harmoni everett - malibu

Harmoni has worked with Skydog Sanctuary since its conception. She handles correspondence, fund raising matters, manages our PayPal making sure the funds you donate get to our horses for rescues, feeding and vet bills.  Harmoni has always loved animals and nature and grew up in a hippy commune in her native Canada in a Teepee in the woods !

She has had a longstanding love affair with Vinnie our donkey and now is madly in love with Jackson our first ever rescue mustang.  She spends her time in Malibu helping out with all the administration that it takes to run a 501c3 and also volunteers her time to love on our animals.

She may be behind the scenes at Skydog but it takes a village and she is a very important part of our team.  






Here is Yannick and Jazzy having a moment xxxx


Somebody has to pick up poop at Skydog and Yannick is a master of mucking and helping to take care of our horses and other animals.

For most of the day our horses eat and poop and to keep the flies down, particularly in our Malibu Location, we need a team of volunteers and staff to keep the muck to a minimum and to keep filling the dumpster so that there is a constant removal of waste and soggy shavings.

No one person is more important than another to make this sanctuary the beautiful attractive and welcoming place it has become and I am not sure anyone would want to spend as much time here if it were left to get dirty and stinky.  SO Yannick, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for putting your soul and strength into spending hot summer days shovelling sh** - we applaud you for your dedication and for making a difference in these horses lives and ours too.





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