When Red Lady arrived at Skydog Sanctuary we really couldn't be sure at first if she was even pregnant.  She wasn't that large and we just didn't know if that was a hay belly or a little foal growing inside.  By the time Goliath arrived she still didn't look too big and she ran around with him all day without a care in the world and not much sign of a baby.  I left for California for a few days and when I got back the change was incredible.  She had tripled in size and there was absolutely no doubt there was a foal to come. 

The very last foal of Goliath and Red Lady as he had now been gelded by the BLM.    We honestly were devastated that they chose to geld this stallion due to his advanced years.  I truly believe that stallions over 15 shouldn't be gelded due to the danger of blood loss or trauma.   But that is done and we just feel so grateful to have a healthy happy baby this morning.


The arrival of their new foal

It was a cloudy but warm day and honestly after weeks of checking and seeing nothing I wasn't particularly thinking about whether today was the day.  We had guessed wrong so many times and thought we had seen a baby only to be mistaken.  But this morning as I rounded the corner I was watching Goliath above me as he looked particularly handsome and proud on the hill with Sheep's rock behind him framing him like a portrait.  I saw Red Lady standing like a statue in the woods and for a second I saw a flash of red beneath her.  

I stopped the truck and slowly managed to walk closer to see if this really was the moment we had all been waiting for.  And it was.......


Red Lady and her new baby

Like a good mama who has done this a dozen times she was standing guard over a little baby foal.  The foal was laying down but had their head turned towards me looking curiously at me wondering what this noise was and what kind of creature approached.

Isn't it funny with all the worry and concern we have had that in the end of course we didn't need to doubt for a second that Red Lady would have a healthy and beautiful foal.  She is a pro at this, has had many babies in the past in all sorts of weathers and conditions and she did it again today having truly the most perfect and beautiful baby on the perfect day.

To see the baby walking on grass and sniffing the sage brush and trotting around in this wide open space was magnificent.  Not being born on dirt in a crowded and dirt filled pen was such a dream for us and we are so so grateful to Andrea who adopted Red Lady and then re-assigned her mare to Skydog to reunite them.  She truly is the hero in this beautiful story.

We are just so happy and feel so incredibly blessed today to have been able to reunite this family but never forget for one second all the mares in BLM holding having babies who will never run free like this one. 




Red Lady touched her baby with her nose as if to wake him up and then slowly walked down the hill to have her breakfast.  Then the baby stood up and trotted towards me as if they had been here forever.  As the baby turned to nurse I could instantly see he was a boy.  We have a Colt and the most handsome one I have ever seen.   Best day of my life and the culmination of everything I hoped for came true today.

He is such a beautiful boy and already handsome and strong and is feeding and pooping and peeing - all the signs we need to see for a healthy baby.  And Red Lady is an attentive, watchful protective mama leading him around and keeping her boy safe.

Goliath is keeping a bit of a distance but comes running when we enter the pen giving out his signature snorts and bellows to let us know not to go too close.

This family is so blessed and unusual in the fact that they are going to get to live out their lives free and we are so honored that we are going to get to watch. 

God Bless you beautiful family x