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We found Read in a kill pen in Oklahoma.  This is the photograph that broke our hearts and we knew we had to rescue him and get him to safety.  It was a huge undertaking but with the help of some amazing people we found a hauler, found a lady to quarantine him with for a month as he had a bad cough, and then we transported him carefully to Black Hills Wild Horse sanctuary where he rested for a few weeks until Skydog Sanctuary was ready and equipped to take him.  One of the very first mustangs we rescued we wanted to be able to provide Read with all the veterinary care he needed.  He suffered a terrible injury to his face from a halter that was not taken off him that his face grew into causing huge disfigurement.  His nasal cavities are open to the air but incredibly he does so well.  He is 22 years old now and has gained weight and got his spirit back in the few months he has been with us in Oregon.  We have had numerous vets look at him and all agree that he is doing amazingly and that surgery at his age would be more upsetting than helpful.    If you would like to donate to sponsor Read as your special mustang here you can make a monthly donation for his care and in return receive monthly updates and special photographs and can come visit him here to meet him personally.  He is well worth the trip.  Such a special horse loved by everybody who works here.  He will always be a very important member of our herd.



SARGE was rescued from a kill pen in Waco Texas and was starved and neglected and half dead when he was saved.  Sadly he was then let down again by another organization who again let him lose more weight to the point that he was in serious danger.  Sarge is 24 years old and is crotchety and set in his way but we absolutely love him.  We are still carefully feeding him up to full health and he has some way to go.  We keep him in a big stall in our barn but he insists on going out in the paddock every day for a roll and walk around.  When it started to get cold we tried to get a blanket on him but he told us in no uncertain terms that he would not like to wear clothes so he happily stands in the snow for an hour or two before asking to come back in.  He eats three times as much as any horse here but is an absolute love and we all adore him . 


PAMELA was found in a kill pen in Louisiana with another mare and a stallion that they had come in with.  We wanted to keep all three horses together as they were very close so we said we would take them.  They were both skinny so it was hard to tell when we got them if they were pregnant or not.  There is no mistaking it now that they are both with foal and will most likely deliver babies at the sanctuary in the spring.  Obviously the vet bills and special care needed to take on two pregnant mares is more than usual so if you would like to help out with the care of either Pamela or her friend Aerial, it would be so appreciated.  Panela is very friendly and halter broken and we are working on getting Aerial there so she will be able to be handled and brought to the barn when her baby is coming.  

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