Well you can pat yourselves on the back for this save. When we said yes to taking Redford and Eastwood you all rallied to ask us to take a donkey who was the only one listed on the same page at the lot. We called to pay for him and they told us there was actually another one who had been paid for but nobody had come to pick up. WHAAAT? So we collected up these two donkeys and Marlene our hauler said yes to fitting them on board. Hauling donkeys in the dead of winter out of a killpen is always a risk. But leaving them means certain death. Either on the lot within days as they suffer greatly and go down quickly from respiratory diseases. OR they get put on to trailers to meet a terrible death in Mexico.

Instead these two jumped on the freedom bus outta there. They still need to be gelded but we are letting them settle before that next step of their lives. We have always named out donkeys after gangsters and these guys are fighting tough - so DeNiro and Pacino, welcome to the gang.