Hunter was found in a kill pen in Louisiana and she had on a halter made of bailing twine - the kind of cheap plastic string you put around hay bails which broke our hearts so we made the decision to save her.  It seemed so at odds with her beauty and we bailed her immediately without even fundraising for her.

Our wonderful hauler Marlene Dodge was on her way here from New York and picking up Bear and his two mares in Texas so one more was easy. We bailed her and brought her here and she took our breath away.  There was no way to tell from that kill pen photo that this horse was so beautiful.  She is a supermodel mustang so we named her Hunter after our wonderful friend and supporter Rachel Hunter and she is one of Buddy’s favorite mares now.

 Overall message 

These are just a few of the Mustangs we have brought to the ranch, there are so many more that need a safe environment to live in.  

Check back soon and meet other rescued horses and please donate to help us save more mustangs.  Over 150,000 American horses are shipped to Mexico and Canada every year and killed in the most inhumane and brutal painful way imaginable - stop the slaughter by lobbying your congressmen to Pass The SAFE ACT......