actions to take THAT will help our wild horses and burros 

If you watched our film about Goliath and Red Lady and their new baby Bodhi please take the time to read this page and take an action to help all the other horses who were not as lucky and still languish in steel pens across the American West. This is one family saved and reunited but on that day 2000 wild horses were robbed of their freedom and are in BLM holding pens still separated from all they love and know.

For me there is no greater love story than that of Goliath being reunited with Red Lady. It's so amazing for me to look back on all that happened to bring them to this point of peace and happiness and their growing family. Here is the link to the movie we made about them.

We are very excited to be attending the International EQUUS Film Festival in Missoula Montana next month where our little film is one of the finalists. Every success it has means more people become aware of what is happening to our wild horses and hopefully educates them as to what to do to help the others. Most people seeing the movie and watching their story ask "What can I do?” and we want to focus on some of that……

Goliath and Red Lady are one of thousands of families being torn apart, even right now during the Pine Nut roundup. Those wild horses will never see their freedom or families again and it is heartbreaking. There has to be a different way to manage these wild horses on public lands. Our voices matter so here is a list of people to call, and keep calling, to keep up the fight to stop roundups and implement better solutions for these horses to be managed on the range. Way better than stockpiling them in holding pens for the rest of their lives.


Find your Senators and Representative:

President Trump: | 202-456-1111

Vice President Pence: | 202-456-1111

Acting Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt : | 202-208-3100

Acting Director of BLM, Brian Steed: 202-208-3801

Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue: 202-720-2791 

Here are just some of Skydog's alternatives to roundups and holding pens, plus some ideas to be implemented for the humane care of wild horses managed by the BLM ------> Let's get out of focusing on the problem endlessly and move into the SOLUTIONS:

  • Raise AML's in areas where the range can sustain higher numbers of horses;

  • Stop killing natural predators in BLM HMA’s;

  • Reduce Livestock grazing on lands designated for wild horses;

  • Restore the millions of acres of lost wild horse rangeland and then return wild horses in holding to Herd Management Areas and Herd Areas given to them legally;

  • Enlist local volunteers to monitor and document herds so we have accurate figures of horses in the wild. As well as photograph family bands for people to reunite them;

  • Provide shade and shelter for mustangs in short term holding facilities;

  • Stop helicopter roundups for good and use bait traps only - then use the millions of dollars saved on getting the horses they already have adopted;

  • Use fertility vaccines in the field to slow population growth and prevent further roundups until all the horses currently in short term holding are adopted;

  • Use social media and the internet to promote adoptions with more information about horses and burros immediately as they come off the range;

  • Open up access to private BLM facilities to give more horses a chance to be adopted out of them;

  • Take better precautions when transporting wild horses to adoption events and exposing them to diseases like strangles.

These are all practical and effective methods that could be implemented to help our wild horses stay on the range, get back on the range, be treated better during roundups and in holding......why aren't any of them being used ?

Whenever I get overwhelmed with sadness I go out and spend time with Goliath’s family and it gives me the strength to keep fighting for all the rest. They heal me. This is a long battle but sometimes we have to stop and rejoice in the small victories, before getting right back to work for these horses. We for one won't stop until things change. We feel as though we are building an army right now and that is powerful. One day soon we are going to rise up and say ENOUGH.

It is important to remember the devotion and kindness, the love and deep bonds these horses make. Deeper than the ocean and higher than the mountains they live under. This is real love without bounds that deserves to be honored and protected and fought for. Goliath and Red Lady are our inspiration to keep fighting and hope you will all never give up working to protect them. 


VOLUNTEER - We are always looking for volunteers to come and work at the ranches or in administrative roles for Skydog Sanctuary. We have two locations - our main wild sanctuary is in Central Oregon, one hour from Prineville, Bend and Redmond. Our other ranch which acts as an education center and location for people to spend time with gentler mustangs is in Southern California in Malibu. If you are interested in volunteering, either at the ranch helping take care of horses, or administratively or in any other way we would LOVE to hear from you.

ADOPT - There are over 44,000 mustangs standing in holding pens who need loving homes and a life outside those dirt pens and steel bars. That is no life for wild horses and the process is simple and easy.  It costs 125 dollars to adopt a living piece of the American West and give back to these horses who deserve so much more.  It now costs only 25 dollars to buy a sale authority horse and give it back a life.

If you have some land PLEASE adopt a couple of horses and turn them out to live free on it, what ranch doesn't look better for having some beautiful wild horses grazing in peace as part of the view.  We will help you every step of the way if you want to adopt a wild horse or rescue one in an auction or killpen. There is nothing we wouldn't do to help you every step of the way, from filling out to forms to explaining the process or to point you in the direction of your local auction or kill pen.

Imagine if everybody added two mustangs to their herd of cattle they might be running, or to their domestic horses. We have a dream that every fancy dressage, hunter jumper or polo barn in the US adopted two mustangs for the trainers to work with. What they would find out about the way a horse’s mind works and how to communicate more effectively would change the world for these wild horses. If you have a horse already boarded at a barn or ranch, ask around and see if anyone else would like to adopt a mustang with you and gentle them. It is an experience you would never forget x

SHOUT - if you see a mustang in need. If you know of a mustang in a kill pen or at auction please call us or message us immediately with as many details as possible. We can only rescue the horses we know about!  If you hear about a mustang at auction or in a kill pen or in a terrible situation or going cheap on Craig's List please send us the link so that we can try and help it, or network it to safety and a new life.

DONATE - Of course we cannot keep rescuing wild horses without donations. There are high costs involved in taking care of them, from hay and feed to vet and farrier bills every dollar counts and it would be gratefully received. We can change this situation if we all rally behind these horses and help band together to get them out of their bad situations to a new life here at Skydog. 

All money donated to Skydog goes directly to the horses here and gives us the ability to rescue and take care of more. Ideally we would love you to sign up to do a monthly donation so that we can rest assured with donations moving forward. Or please join us on Patreon where you can see exclusive videos and photographs of horses in our care and behind the scenes of some rescues as they happen.

SPONSOR - This is truly one of the best things you can do to help us take care of our rescued horses. All of the beautiful horses here at Skydog Sanctuary are available to be sponsored.  For 100 dollars per month you can choose a horse or burro who we have saved, who lives here, and you will receive a sponsorship certificate, regular photographs and video of your horse or burro PLUS the opportunity to come to our ranches and visit the horses you have sponsored. Go to our SPONSOR page on this site to see the horses and click on their photos to find out more about them.

So if you would like to come personally meet Goliath, Red Lady or Bodhi, feel free to sign up to sponsor one of them or any of the horses on our Sponsor page.

NO BEEF OR LAMB - Cattle and sheep are grazed on public lands where the wild horses live. Cattle ranchers get the BLM to round up horses to allow more grazing for their livestock. Recently a group of cattle ranchers persuaded the BLM to round up 1500 wild horses at Beatty's Bute in Oregon and these ranchers supply directly to Whole Foods. By stopping eating their beef you send a loud and clear message as a consumer and stop the endless demand for burgers and steaks in this and other countries.

WATCH Cowspiracy and educate yourself about how eating beef is destroying our planet and your health and negatively effecting the mustangs for America.

SPREAD THE WORD - Tell your friends and family what you have learned about the wild horse situation and tell THEM what they can do. Our biggest goal is to educate and inform because if we shout loud enough for these horses we actually can change things. Our wild horses deserve better.