Vinnie was the very very first animal we rescued and have never looked back since.  My first date with my husband Chris was to a sanctuary in Simi Valley to look at a donkey they were advertising.  I had wanted a donkey to keep Elvis company as all the mustangs had formed a herd and wouldn't let him in.  We fell in love with Vinnie and Chris made a donation to the sanctuary and the next day they emailed us to say that they had saved three horses at auction thanks to his donation.  It was the first time I found out about horse auctions and horse slaughter and it started us down a road of saving other horses and eventually to opening Skydog Sanctuary......all thanks to this little donkey.

Vinnie is a flashy red roan donkey with the fluffiest face and Elvis like mutton chops that never disappear even in the height of summer.  We love him x