ZZ isn't a mustang but he is so loved by all the staff and volunteers at Skydog.   He was saved from shipping to a kill ranch in Texas - places where people pay money to go and shoot exotic animals.  For fun.  Or Sport.  Not the kind of fun we have here.  The only shooting we do here is with a camera lens and it is glorious to see ZZ in all his glory running around up and down hills.  He is a bit of a jerk, he runs horses twice his size off feed, and if they won't move he turns and kicks more times per second than anything I have ever seen.  But he never seems to land one - it is just for show.  

He is all bluff and bluster and we call him the hooligan but he is a fantastic horse exerciser as he has the energy of a dog and never stops chasing and running.  He is halter broke and I have even seen video of him being ridden but those days are over and he is free to live out his life here.