bert & ernie

Little Bert and Ernie were first seen by us being dragged through an auction looking sick and tired. We had been in contact with a rescue who were at the auction and they were very worried about this pair as well. So we said to bid on them if they looked as though they were going to a bad place. We picked them up and instantly knew they wouldn’t have long if we didn’t act quickly. We had our vet look at them and then drove them straight to Alamo Pintado for emergency medical help.

Dr. Erin Burns and her team worked tirelessly to keep these little five month old babies alive and bring them back to health. They are now thriving at Skydog Malibu but are available to sponsor together for the same amount as one horse. They are the cutest little munchkins and so full of love and gratitude and are inseparable with Bert’s head nearly always over Ernie’s body for comfort and support.