Dream when she arrived to us starved and close to death - your donations helped bring her back to life and health.

Dream when she arrived to us starved and close to death - your donations helped bring her back to life and health.


Skydog Sanctuary is unlike most other rescues you donate to.  We know that there are dozens of pleas on Facebook and other social media asking you to donate to get horses and donkeys out of kill pens or auctions.  You donate and then, for the most part, never know what happens to that horse you helped save.  Where did they end up?  Is the person who bought them good or bad to them.  Also some people sadly use social media to run scams using photos they find to fundraise for non-existent horses and donkeys.

With Skydog Sanctuary you know exactly where your money is going.  It is going to horses and donkeys rescued from abuse, neglect and awful situations and every single one you have helped us rescue is right here where you brought it.   The money you donate goes to feed them, to our vet bills, to farrier costs - solely for equipment bought for the horses use.  We do not pay salaries out of your donations or upkeep on the ranch or personal expenses.  The money goes to the horses and only the horses. 

We do so many updates on mustangs and burros we have rescued on our social media and you are welcome to make requests if you miss seeing one.  Who their friends are, what they like and don't like and all these animals are living out their lives here and afforded the highest care and attention to their special needs and wants.  You can write to us at any time for an update and a post about a horse you are following and haven't seen for a while and want more photographs of.   If you would like to support us you can sponsor one of our horses or donkeys and also please go join us on Patreon and sign up for even more video and photographs.

For anyone who says that horses need a job.  Ours have a truly important one. 

Every horse here is raising awareness for all the other horses not so fortunate, sitting in Kill Pens, running through auctions or languishing in BLM short and long term holding.  Each horse tells a story of a different situation that needs addressing to help make sure less horses end up abandoned or abused.  

Obviously to keep sanctuaries like this alive and kicking we always need help but rest assured even a regular monthly donation of a few dollars helps us with our hay and feed bill as our horses never stop eating - especially during the winter months.

We run regular fundraisers for hay or to save a particular horse in need and any excess money is rolled over into the general fund to be used to feed and care for the horses we have saved.  All the donations we get go directly to the horses and we are very proud to say that.

How to donate 

You can help Skydog Sanctuary by donating ONLINE, donating MONTHLY, donate by using a DEBIT OR CREDIT card using PAYPAL, become a Patron on our Patreon site, or donate by MAIL

To mail your donation to Skydog Sanctuary, please make your check or money order payable to  Skydog Sanctuary and mail to:

Skydog Sanctuary, PO Box 23823 Malibu Road, Suite 50 Box 357, Malibu CA 90265

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization  

EIN # 81-3188893

GFAS_badges-Accredited horses.png

“Skydog Sanctuary of Prineville, Oregon is Accredited by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries”

We have exciting news! Skydog has been accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. This organization is the gold standard in certification and involves an enormous amount of work to attain. It has been a fascinating process that has allowed us to raise the bar in every single aspect of caring for our horses and running a non-profit.

They examine protocols and procedures for all aspects of the horses in our care - fencing, feeding, watering, medication, vet treatment, hauling, horse handling, horse records, safety, succession, evacuation, five year plans, budgets, introducing new is like doing a degree and was worth every moment of the time spent.

It is so important for people to know when they donate to a 501c3 sanctuary that they are held to a very high standard and that the horses there are getting exemplary care. Lately we have been asked to take so many horses from failed sanctuaries as well as being aware of people calling themselves a non-profit sanctuary at the severe detriment of the poor horses who have the misfortune of being sent there.

One of the biggest things we decided on when we started was not to bash other rescues or people in rescue or advocacy as there is just way too much of that. If someone is constantly bashing others then it is sadly a reflection of themselves - and often the people who scream the loudest are the ones most lacking.

Being a part of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries means that we have been thoroughly and rigorously inspected by a dedicated and qualified professional who has taken the time to make sure we meet their high standards of excellence.

More than anything I want to thank our team Janelle, Jon, Koal, Rebecca, Zach, Tyler, Grace, Eve and Jud who take incredible care of our rescued horses and the ranch they live on every single day. To hubby Chris and his team of book keepers and non profit accountants making sure every donated penny goes to the horses. And to the members of our board who help make decisions and guide us. It takes all of us to make sure we hold each other to the standards these horses dearly deserve.

Here is the link to the press release from GFAS - it’s the holy grail that gives anybody who donates to our sanctuary, the absolute and ultimate peace of mind that we are doing everything right. I hope this will also encourage other equine sanctuaries to go through this process so that more people realize and understand the high standards necessary for a good organization to take care of the horses they rescue.

For us we are just thrilled, and mostly for a team of people who all in their own way contribute to the daily care and running of this beautiful place we have created. It was my dream yet it has surpassed my dream ten fold and more then anything I thank you guys for supporting and following and cheering us on and for loving our horses as much as we do.

Thank you to the GFAS and all the staff there who work so hard to make sure these standards are reached and then maintained moving forward.


For all emergency vet visits and bills

Our older and special needs horses and donkeys need your help 

Sarge when we found him in a feedlot in Texas

Sarge when we found him in a feedlot in Texas

With pleading Facebook fundraisers hitting our social media feeds every day illustrated with the tragic photographs of horses needing rescue from feedlots and kill pens it is easy to forget where a lot of those horses end up and that they need aftercare and rehab donations.  Sanctuaries like Skydog have the responsibility to provide care and refuge forever for the animals we take in.  It is solely with the help of amazing donors that Skydog Sanctuary is able to give a safe and loving home to these beautiful wild horses and burros who were first ripped from their homes, separated from their families and then ended up in terrible situations from which they were rescued.  Skydog has always done our best to reunite family bands, adopt mares and foals together, or bring back bonded horses who were separated from their friends of many years.  Many of the wild horses and burros here are in their senior years and our "special needs and feeds" population keeps growing!  As the horses age we work alongside our vet team to provide first class preventative care (dental, worming, supplements) so the horses have quality of life and live into their 30's as they would in the wild.


You can help Skydog Sanctuary provide medical and on-going special care!  We are a non-profit organization  EIN # 81-3188893.



Sanctuary is forever: we need lots of hay for the winter  

Ranch Great Dane Barkley guarding one of our hay deliveries last winter - help us to FILL OUR SHEDS

Ranch Great Dane Barkley guarding one of our hay deliveries last winter - help us to FILL OUR SHEDS

When we moved up to Oregon we thought it was a great decision due to the fact that hay is so much cheaper as it is grown all around the ranch and our nearest town is actually named Alfalfa !  One thing we did not realise is that we would have to feed triple the amount during the winter due to the extreme cold temperatures overnight.  Sometimes it is as low as minus 20 so the horses need something to chew on all night to keep their body temperatures up so they won't shiver and start losing weight.  We have a great local blue grass that we throw now during winter months which is much cheaper than orchard hay or alfalfa so we supplement the horses regular feed with that hay during the winter months.  Please help us keep our hay sheds full for winter.  



We are a non-profit organization  EIN # 81-3188893

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Shop on Amazon smile for items small and large to help us take good care of our horses and donkeys! Everything ships directly so it’s easy for you and amazing for the horses and donkeys. Please shop now — we can’t continue saving them without your help! And don’t forget, we are a non-profit organization (EIN # 81-3188893) so everything is tax deductible.