We found Baa Baa and LaLa Baby Girl at an auction in California. We heard from a rescue who were attending an auction to ask if we would take a few lambs or goats as there were some people there buying them and killing them in the parking lot.  What could we say - we said YES!!!! The two lambs were days old and we started bottle feeding them the second we got them in the truck.  It was one of the most rewarding and adorable processes and as a result they follow us around and come to their names.  We obviously had never kept sheep but we absolutely love and cherish and care for these little creatures more than you could ever imagine.   LALA is the queen of Skydog as she is Chris's favorite and she is a little spoilt and drives around in the vehicles with him having the time of her life.  

BILLY and CHILLI the goats

We saved Billy and Chilli from a livestock auction with another sheep we called Gracie.  Goats are the most fun EVER.   Tell me you can watch a baby goat hop and jump and skip and not laugh with joy.  They truly are the easiest little animals to keep and take care of - not messy, easy keepers, not really any work at all.  They are just fun.  It has been the biggest joy having them in our lives and to begin with they lived in Malibu but came up with all the other animals a few months ago and love all the space and other friends they have made.  They live in a special pen with the sheep and a few donkeys and they all get along perfectly which is great.  I hope hope hope that people coming to visit spend time with these animals and realize that they are living breathing sentient beings with feelings and friends and think twice about eating so much meat.  I never try and tell anyone never to eat meat or become a vegan but eating LESS meat makes so much difference - especially cows and sheep which are one of the biggest threats on public land to wild horses.  


We were asked to take Ricky when a local veteran’s ranch was closing down and needing to find space for some of their small animals. We were happy to take in this old boy and let him have the best years of his life with us at Skydog

He is protector to Lulu and when none of the other sheep would be friends with her Ricky stepped up to look after her and make her feel welcome as well as teach her how to be a sheep after living in a house of dogs and humans. They still are very good friends to this day

PLEASE donate to Skydog to help us keep providing for these animals and be able to take in more in the future. They deserve their lives and we would love to home more animals in need. They are all available to sponsor for 50 dollars a month and for that you will get more information on the animal you sponsor as well as regular updates on their progress. Thank you x