We were sent a video from a Facebook follower showing Blue being ridden around a parking lot very roughly - running on concrete and all we could see is how hard she was trying to do the right thing as her mouth was yanked on and she was spurred on.  All the board members were called and we all decided unanimously to save her.  She is a gorgeous mare with the most amazing blue eyes and so willing and eager to please.  She is the calmest horse who never reacts to being bossed about by other horses.  She has been sponsored by our head of volunteer program Kim Hightower who hopes one day to start her own sanctuary with Blue as her star save.  They are two of our favorite creatures.

Blue in her Charro saddle in the parking lot outside auction.  She actually is an amazing bomb proof horse and we hope to adopt her out when we find her forever home. One of our amazing volunteers already offered to adopt her and is going through the process of setting up her own Sanctuary so we very much hope a big future awaits this remarkable mare.

 Overall message 

These are just a few of the Mustangs we have brought to the ranch, there are so many more that need a safe environment to live in.  

Check back soon and meet other rescued horses and please donate to help us save more mustangs.  Over 150,000 American horses are shipped to Mexico and Canada every year and killed in the most inhumane and brutal painful way imaginable - stop the slaughter by lobbying your congressmen to Pass The SAFE ACT......