When we were rescuing Swayze and Priscilla from a killpen in Colorado I kept noticing that in every photo of them there was a little pair of hooves, or two long ears, or a donkey’s ass. And finally I called the lot and asked them if there were any donkeys and they said there was an older Jenny and a miniature John. Well these must have been the most clever donkeys in the world as this lot didn’t advertise the donkeys - so I guess these two were like “stand with the horses”. And that is how we spotted them.

SO a Skydog Tradition of saving a donkey who needed out began.

That was a rough haul. Swayze went down in the trailer and had to see a vet and these two donkeys were together in the lot, in the trailer and finally in the barn when they arrived with us for just a couple of days. Tyler was tiny and Lady Betty looked 100 years old and to tell you the truth I didn’t really think it was physically possible for them to “get together”. BUT our vet told me later, where there’s a will there’s a way, and 12 months later, almost to the day, along came Baby Boop. You live and learn and mistakes happen. But what a gorgeous, fluffy, adorable and welcome addition to our herd she was. Oh Boop, I still to this day don’t understand what hill your papa climbed up on to make you happen but thank goodness he did xxx