Luna was rounded up as a foal and then adopted out at the trap site with another foal who was Ireland.  They both ended up dumped at Fallon Feedlot together but were separated as Luna was saved by a wonderful rescue in Reno and we saved Ireland.  

The rescue agreed that the most wonderful outcome for both horses would be to be reunite them and let them spend the rest of their lives together as both are too reactive and traumatized to be trained at this point.  They are now happily back together and get to call Skydog Ranch their forever home. 

Overall message 

These are just a few of the Mustangs we have brought to the ranch, there are so many more that need a safe environment to live in.  

Check back soon and meet other rescued horses and please donate to help us save more mustangs.  Over 150,000 American horses are shipped to Mexico and Canada every year and killed in the most inhumane and brutal painful way imaginable - stop the slaughter by lobbying your congressmen to Pass The SAFE ACT......