These three gorgeous formerly wild donkeys were found at a livestock auction in California about to be bought by the kill buyer that frequents the place looking for cheap horses and donkeys to sell.  People don't eat donkeys but their hides have become in great demand particularly in China where they have been importing millions of donkeys annually to slaughter.  

Paulie, Red and Rose are not wild but not tame either.  They are friendly enough except when you try to catch them but they let you pet on them and will eat out of your hand.  The two girls, Rosie and Red, have BLM brands and Paulie isn't branded but may well be the son of one of the Jenny's as they are very bonded. We adore our snow donkeys and they are hardier and stronger and do better in the winter temperatures than some of the other domestic ones we have saved. Born to be wild. And now they are x