sweet pea

Sweet Pea was found at an auction in California.  She was shaking with fear, starved, with her tail and legs caked in diarrhea.  We paid her auction price and went and got her.   When she arrived she sand coliced twice and when we felt her poop it was black and thick with sand.  She had obviously been eating sand and dirt to survive and for days she pulled sticks and twigs into her stall from around her and ate the bark as she must have become used to doing.  She is a sweet three year old mustang and is halter broken and titled so we have no idea why anyone would dump her at auction and dispose of her in that way.  

Sweet Pea at the auction and afterwards at Skydog Malibu. She now lives at Skydog Oregon with her original friends of Honey Palouse and Sheldon and we have been able to halter train her and she stands well for her feet and shots now and is easy to handle. We had a trainer put a few test rides on her and it was found out that her back legs have some issues when she is under saddle so she is living the good life in a big space now.


Overall message 

These are just a few of the Mustangs we have brought to the ranch, there are so many more that need a safe environment to live in.  

Check back soon and meet other rescued horses and please donate to help us save more mustangs.  Over 150,000 American horses are shipped to Mexico and Canada every year and killed in the most inhumane and brutal painful way imaginable - stop the slaughter by lobbying your congressmen to Pass The SAFE ACT......